Gas masks are worn to protect individuals from toxic gases by sealing areas around the face, eyes, nose and even the mouth. Quality masks in the market today are actually respirators which purify air through a network of filters. They were initially designed for waterway workers to protect them from inhaling pollutants in water but today, the use of gas masks has extended to people working in mining, gas, chemical and defense industries.

The military gas mask has been around for decades and has served military members in several conflicts. However, it is important to note that the military gas mask that is used by military members today is far more advanced than the military gas mask that was used in earlier wars. In effect, the military gas mask that is currently used has become so advanced that it is now being used in all facets of the general public and is no longer used exclusively for the military. While it is still frequently used in combat, the military gas mask can now be used by almost all individuals and it is frequently used rather effectively in certain industries.

A toxic environment can occur in many types of industries. This can include defense, oil, gas, mine, or chemical manufacturing. Individuals often require personal gas masks from safety equipment suppliers for protection. The need for this type of safety equipment is due to smoke from a fire or explosion, any chemical leakage, and a biological or terror attack. The inhalation or exposure to toxic air will severely damage a person’s respiratory system and may lead to death. Safety equipment suppliers have the tools and equipment necessary to keep people safe.

Many industries today require the use of quality safety equipment for their employees to ensure their health and protection. Safety equipment manufacturers have focused on putting out such gear to protect people from gases, smoke, noxious chemicals, and other similar dangers in their work environment. One of the best safety equipment manufacturers today is Duram Mask. With a compact design which can be used with a high-efficiency filter, they can be put on quickly, offering maximum protection in seconds.