Industrial needs vary in all aspects but one – the need for highest levels of
protection possible, balanced by ergonomic design that minimizes the
constraint caused by the wearingof the mask. Comfort features of the PPE
might determine the response to an emergency, as heavy or complex
equipment might hinder its fast and efficient use, or even deter personnel
from keeping it close at hand in the first place.
Duram escape masks are being deployed in numerous sites worldwide,
ranging from off-shore drilling facilities, refineries, open-pit mines, chemical
and petro-chemical factories,food and drug industry etc. When every second
counts, make sure you've got the best. Make sure it's Duram Mask.

Civic and Public

Public and private institutions vary in needs and the challenges encountered;
from high rise buildings to nursing homes and schools, from hospitals to
border control. These establishments face multiple scenarios in their daily
routine, andsafety personnel are in charge for the health and safety of
hundreds and thousands of employees and residents.

Solutions must suit the specific needs of each establishment, and meet its
challenges. Duram masks are being carried by safety personnel in multiple
locations worldwide, enabling wide-range respiratory protection in compact
configuration.The hoods can be kept in lockers or under the desk, or wall
mounted in every office ofthe building. When emergency arises, you can
and must be ready. When every second counts, make sure you've got the
best. Make sure it's Duram Mask.

Transportation & Infrastructure

The transport sector poses unique threats and challenges to H&S, as moving
of hazardous materials always impair stationary equilibrium and increase
instability. Not only the employees that are directly involved in transporting
and relocating of goods need protection, but all the personnel involved in
loading and unloading of materials must be appropriately protected.Safety is
a major issue to be answered when transporting materials or even human
beings; makesure you provide the appropriate protection for those who need it.
Duram escape masks service drivers, pilots and crews in all possible terrains.
Merchant fleet and cruises, trains and trucks; we are where danger is. Never
leave your employees and personnel unguarded and unprotected when
chances of failure are even greater than usual. In case of an emergency,
when every second counts, make sure you've got the best.
Make sure it's Duram Mask.


Defense sector has special requirements when it comes to handling emergency.
While permanent high level respiratory protection equipment tends to be heavy
and difficult to operate, escape masks help special defense forces to perfectly
balance utility and protection. The scenarios faced by the forces range from
smoke and fire, to toxic agents and poisonous atmospheres, and thus
appropriate protectionmust be at hand in a matter of seconds, enabling the
troops and fighters to achievetheir goal in a timely fashion, or regroup in a
conscious manner.
It is no wonder some of the world’s busiest units have chosen to use our
protective equipment. Duram escape masks serve in the military and Special
Forces, in the police and in rescue teams. They are carried by guards in sensitive
locations worldwide, and take care of those responsible for our security. Make sure
you protect them with the best.When every second counts, make sure it's Duram Mask.