Military Gas Mask Manufacturer

Military gas masks are a protective gear used by the military and/or the police force to minimize exposure to hazardous and dangerous fumes. The military during its operations come into contact with dust particles, toxic fumes and gases and smoke. This is one of the most important ppe equipment in the defense, chemical, oil, gas and mine industries for the military. The military’s core objective is to protect a nation from any attacks and they are bound to be in the front line when the nation is under any form of attack. Despite this being a part of their job description, they are entitled to obtaining quality protective gear. With the introduction of chemical and nuclear warfare, the military must be equipped to take on such attacks. The era in which guns was the equipment for national attacks is long gone. Wars are based on bomb attacks and nuclear weapons. These methods of attack affect the people and environment during the war and even after the war is over. It is therefore important that the military keeps their military gas masks on even after the war is over as long as they are still around the war field until the gases and fumes are no longer toxic.

We manufacture quality protective masks for the defense industry. Our military masks are designed to protect your respiratory tract from inhalation of smoke and harmful gases in case of an emergency. They provide you with the right atmosphere until you are able to carry out and complete your military duties. We at Duram Mask ensure that the military is served with the state of the art masks that are bound to save their lives in times of nuclear and chemical warfare.

Cases where military gas masks can be used

These are encountered during times of war, rescue missions like a kidnapping, terrorist attacks or even during a natural calamity like earth quakes. Sometimes, the military must use toxic fumes such as tear gas to disperse people. In this, they must be equipped with proper military gas masks. During times of war and natural calamities, they protect the military from all the arising smoke and emitted toxic fumes. During rescue missions, the military will use toxic fumes to get the enemy to leave their comfort zone for them to gain a competitive advantage as they are equipped with gas masks while the enemy is not. It is also useful during explosions whether they are caused from an attack or as an accident. This situations are what the army is exposed to and it is essential that they are protected.

Military gas masks also come in handy for personal use in the above situations. This is because they are bound to be casualties and they too need to be protected from gases and smoke. During such occurrences, people are not prepared and as a result, the military ends up equipping them with their military gas masks until they are out of danger. In this, there comes a relationship between military gas masks and personal use. The military gas masks are therefore not just a necessity for the military but can come in handy for civilians.

Military gas mask training

The army is very keen to ensure that their forces can handle a situation that needs the use of military gas masks no matter the type of mask. Every recruit must be trained on how the equipment works. This practical session is carried out in a gas chamber with tear gas to help promote confidence and eliminate the chances of panic. With the right equipment at hand, this should not be a task to worry about. We provide the best military gas masks that are not only easy to use but also effective and up to standard. We do not allow error as this can be a matter of life and death.

The equipment we provide to serve the purpose of training is also the equipment provided to equip the army in real life situations. Quality cannot be compromised.

There are several types of military gas masks. The army has a variety to choose from and it is comforting to know that they are all of the best quality. The difference between one mask and the other is the purpose and intensity of the job description. Some gas masks can serve their purpose in the longterm such that the army does not have to think of changing the equipment from time to time like in the war zone areas. Some like those used in rescue missions are short lived as the purpose is to get in and out before the enemy can attack again. Be sure to obtain the right military mask to serve the right job.

Another important aspect is that of fit. A mask should fit just right so as to ensure there is no allowance that may allow for gas or smoke penetration. Our role is to ensure that you breathe easy with the knowledge that despite the danger in carrying out your obligation, you are safe. The military mask will protect you from chemicals which are placed to destroy your breathing system which results to death, gases that are poisonous and explosions which not only raise smoke and dust but also dangerous fumes.

Be sure to make inquiries on which mask is suitable to serve the purpose you need it for. Our team is always present to help assist with provision of information. They will also help you come into terms with difference between one mask and the other to prevent choosing a military mask that will not serve its purpose.

Masks protection from gases and smoke will help save you from frequent visitation to the hospital as you hope to cure damaged lungs instead of keeping to the honor of serving your country. In extreme cases such as inhalation of poisonous gases, it saves your life. Purchase our military gas masks and ensure that you are well equipped from hazards from inhalation of smoke and dangerous gases as you serve the nation. Depending on the exposure to danger, ensure that you are well equipped. Never put your life at risk while you can prevent it. Prevention is better than cure.