Smoke Hoods

It is true that the idea of having functioning smoke hoods in areas or regions that are prone to fires, gas leaks or similar life-threatening hazards has saved many lives to date. It is estimated that nearly two million people die each year from inhaling dangerous fumes from fires or gas leaks. Many people are not aware that exposure to certain toxic chemicals even for a short duration of time can burn or corrode the lining of the nose, lungs and the entire breathing system causing irreparable damage. When used properly smoke hoods not only prevent such things from happening, but also provides a supply of oxygen for a duration of time that can allow one to move to a region of safety.

Also called Protective Breathing Equipment (PBE), smoke hoods are really similar to gas masks. They are designed specifically to protect fire victims from the adverse effects of smoke inhalation. Statistics has it that most of the deaths resulting from fires are usually not from the fires themselves but from the smoke inhaled. The smoke chokes its victims and also cuts off the oxygen intake making them pass out even before the fire reaches them. A good smoking hood should have the ability to generate oxygen supply during these situations of great duress.

Like any other life safety equipment in the market, smoke hoods come in a wide variety. To determine the best smoke hood to purchase, one should consider where the hood is going to be used. A good analysis of this fact will determine which features of the smoke hood is necessary to have, and which ones can be done away with to save on cost. It is also important to be well trained on how to use them before hand.