Dead Sea Works, a business unit of ICL Fertilizers, is the world's seventh largest producer
and supplier of potash products, as well as a broad range of chemical products, including
magnesium chloride, industrial salts, de-icers, bath salts, table salt and raw materials
for the cosmetic industry. Dead Sea Works serves customers in over 60 countries and
support operations in Israel, Spain and UK.

Sasol is an international integrated energy and chemicals company that leverages the
talent and expertise of more than 32 400 people working in 37 countries. Sasol develops
and commercialize technologies, and build and operate world-scale facilities to produce
a range of high-value product streams, including liquid fuels, chemicals and low-carbon

Shell is a global group of energy and petrochemical companies. The objectives of the
Shell group are to engage efficiently, responsibly and profitably in oil, oil products,
gas, chemicals and other selected businesses and to participate in the search for and
development of other sources of energy to meet evolving customer needs and the world’s
growing demand for energy.

Founded in 1960 and born global, VIKING is a privately held market leader in maritime
and fire safety with group headquarters in Denmark and 2,000 employees worldwide.
Viking provides essential safety and fire-fighting equipment to the following segments:
passenger, cargo, offshore, defense, fishing, yachting and fire.

Yara´s knowledge, products and solutions grow farmers and industrial customers’ businesses
profitably and responsibly, while nurturing and protecting the earth’s resources, food and
environment. Yara has a worldwide presence, with more than 12,000 employees and sales to
more than 150 countries.