Leonid Takhman

Position: Production Manager

Leonid is the acting manager of growing production department. He professionally supervises the manufacturing and QA processes with patience but relentlessly. Leonid partakes in all development projects and his skills and experience are invaluable. 

Yael Dorham

Position: Business Development

As our marketing officer, Yael builds and manages meaningful business relationships with customers and distributers. She brings on board strong organizational, communication and interpersonal skills, allowing both efficient and pleasant negotiations of commercial agreements. Yael is always up for a challenge and loves to find innovative solutions to problems. 

Hagar Dobzinsky

Position: Export officer

Hagar manages all aspects of export and domestic shipments, and is responsible for supporting customers on all logistic issues. As our export agent, Hagar is erudite on trade and handles matters of trade agreements and other regulatory aspects of foreign trade.

Maayan Brodsky

Position: Technical Writer and Marketing Associate

Maayan performs policy and best-practices research for our clients and distributors. His studies allow our clients to determine what are the optimal solutions we can offer them, taking into account government policies and industry practices. He also writes marketing and technical materials for the use of procurement officers and policy makers.

Benny Nur

Position: Technical Manager

Benny is an Industrial Engineer from the Technion -Israel Institute of Technology. He previously held position in the Israeli Aerospace Industry, and later joined Duram Industries as the plant engineer. Since the establishment of Duram Mask as its subsidiary, Benny has been acting as its CEO, focusing mainly on technology and development of new models and improving manufacturing processes.

Dina Lichtman

Position: Marketing & Customer manager

Dina manages everyday contact with our current clients and international distributors as well as engagement with new clients and markets, including production of print and digital marketing material. She directs our sales activity and advises clients on technical aspects of our products. Dina also maintains our online presence and digital assets, including video productions, the company website, and our LinkedIn page.

Zofi Agassi

Position: Chief Operating Officer

As manager of operations, Zofi is in-charge of all aspects of daily operations, from manufacturing to shipping documents. His outstanding memory and years of experience allows him scrutinize the nitty-gritty of each contract, and his well-rounded skills and dedication makes him an expert at organizing multiple projects and resources.