1. What are escape masks?

Escape masks are respiratory self-rescue devices which provide short-term respiratory
protection that gives the wearer a safe and calm evacuation in emergencies involving
toxic atmosphere.

2. Are escape masks different from regular gas masks?

Yes. Regular gas masks, either full or half face, are intended for daily routine use.
They are bulky and heavy, and provide long term protection of the wearer. Escape
masks provide short-term protection against toxic atmosphere, and are compact and
lightweight, enabling the user to carry them at all times. In emergencies, this compact
configuration provides minimum response time and rapid evacuation.

3. Can I use a regular gas mask for escape?

Basically yes. However, regular gas masks are bulky and heavy and are not
carried by users when there is no actual and concrete danger from toxic atmosphere.
In addition, regular gas masks require careful adjustments and long donning time.
In emergencies, every second counts, and thus minimal response time is vital to save lives.
Escape masks are specially designed to provide fastest response time and enable
the users to individually evacuate during emergencies.

4. Are smoke escape masks recognized by policy and regulatory bodies?

Yes. Smoke escape masks are regulated by the European Union, US, Russia and other
developed countries and regulatory bodies worldwide. To date, there are specific
standards for smoke escape masks in the EU (EN 403:2004), in US (ASTM E2952-14),
Russia (GOST R 12.4.294-2013), among others.

5. What about regulatory recognition of escape masks for chemical incidents?

To-date, there are no specific standards for escape masks from chemical incidents only,
where smoke and related toxic agents are not necessarily present.
However, there are general regulations and pertinent directives with regard to
certification of this equipment.

6. Does Duram Mask have obtained any certification?

Yes. We have an EN 403:2004 certified smoke escape mask. In addition,
we have other products that conform to the requirements of different
regulations governing this section of respiratory personal protective equipment (PPE).

7. Does Duram Mask have test results from accredited laboratories?

Yes. We always test our masks during development stage, to make sure our
solutions meet the highest standard available per their stated performance.
We strictly use world recognized accredited laboratories to conduct our tests.

8. Can I receive these certifications and/or test results?

Yes. Definitely. You should ask for it.

9. What is the shelf life for our escape masks?

Our escape masks' shelf-life is five years, when kept in proper and suitable
conditions: dry place, protected from sun, temperature ranging 15°C-40°C.

10. What happened when shelf life is over?

It leads to slow deterioration of performance capabilities, and immediate
terminationof warranty. We highly recommend considering renewal/servicing
yourequipment after this period.

11. Can I extend the life shelf of the masks?

Some of the models can be replenished and life shelf prolonged. Kindly
contact usfor further information with regard to specific models and
available options.

12. Do we offer costume-made solutions?

Yes. We are more than willing to meet specific demands with regardto
filtering performance, tests, configuration, colors, etc. As amedium-size
manufacturer, we are flexible enough to offer tailor-madesolutions to our
customers, without losing competiveness or professionalism.

13. What about unique branding?

Great, we'll do that as well. Check the above.As long as safety requirements
are being closely followed,we are for collaborations.

14. What are your response and supply time tables?

We are fastest in the market, subject to payment terms and details of course.

15. Can you deliver to my address?

We deliver anywhere, anytime. It's our commitment.