Solutions - Tailor Made

Duram escape masks are designed to meet both stringent requirements of harmonized standards and specific industry needs.Our Safety solutions are specially crafted to achieve the perfect balance between performance and portability, thus assuring the user maximum protection.

All our masks are designed to let the user perform daily activities whilst enjoying adequate and maximum protection. We are respiratory personal protection equipment – mastered.

Duram escape masks are tailored made
to meet all industry needs:


  • Compact configuration allows easy portability on a utility belt or inside a pocket / purse.
  • Occupies minimal storage space.
  • Light weight and sturdy to withstanding rough conditions.
  • One size fits all: head size, beards, long hair, glasses etc.


  • Simple instructions and intuitive use. No advanced training required.
  • User-friendly and ready to use. No assembly required.
  • Highly elastic and resilient Neoprene hood. Simplest donning procedure.
  • Seals quickly at the neck. Provides fastest protection compared to competitors.


  • High quality materials for maximum user hygiene and health.
  • Airtight to prevent build-up of heat, vapors and CO2 inside the mask.
  • Easy and normal breathing, achieved by high-efficiency electrostatic particle filter with extremely low pressure-drop.
  • Exclusive Multi-Valve breathing device (patent pending) enables easy communication.

Comprehensive protection

  • State-of-the-art filtration unit contains multi-layer activated impregnated charcoal cloth for maximum adsorption and particle filtration.
  • Polychloroprene latex hood resists temperatures up to 200°C. Meets fire resistance requirements of NFPA 701. Visor resists temperatures up to 150°C.